So I'm sure you've noticed there are some words I use you may not be familiar with. If you're a gamer and in the indie scene, you'll probably know all of these. Otherwise, some might be new to you. That's cool. Check this out.

RPG - role playing game
GM - game master, also called Dungeon Master by the D&D crowd
Mechanic - a part of the game that helps determine outcomes
PbtA - Powered by the Apocalypse, games using the Apocalypse World engine
System - what sort of dice (or other) system the game uses to function, usually using a series of mechanics
Setting - Where the game is set, or, the setting of the story, sometimes interchanged with genre
Supplement - An additional source, often a book, for the game itself to add additional information or flavour to the setting or game
Crunchy - lots and lots of rules, simulation heavy games
Hack'n'slash - a game that focuses on fighting a lot
AW - Apocalypse World, a game that created the Powered by the Apocalypse game explosion
D&D - Dungeons & Dragons
Encumberance - How much your character can carry
Designer - The person who designed/wrote/worked on an RPG
Kickstarter - A neat website for crowd sourcing
Kickstarted - Using Kickstarter to crowd source your game
Backer Kit - A part of kickstarter where you can preorder games that you missed the kickstarter for