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Wide Awake: The New Gate Keepers of Gaming

This is a big year for me. This is the year I stop being a lot of things to Toronto Area Gamers (and Fan Expo) and hand my keys over to younger, more diverse people. It's the year I let go of some reins, really focus on what I want to do, and decide where that leaves me. It's the year I recognize that stagnation in power seats is not good, and that I'm part of that problem. It's the year I acknowledge that term limits are a super good thing. It's also the year I spent crying the most. Everyone I knew had a tale to tell, a trauma to unpack with me, and another person to throw shit at. I listened to the stories. I took note. I nodded and agreed and began to realize that most of the community hates someone else in the community and it's all clear as mud. It was heartbreaking to see the amount of ostracism and hate happening between people I knew had similar core values and beliefs, but weren't able to step back to see a bigger picture because hurt keeps us