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We Are Not Therapists: Gaming and Trauma

I remember about a year back or so I saw someone saying their GMs should basically have therapy tools on standby as they only played TTRPGs to explore their trauma. At the time, I made a "gross" face and moved on. More and more of these types of statements began to appear. People were playing games to explore their own traumas. Often, they were doing it at conventions, in larps, and in spaces where they were the only ones aware that they were deliberately entering into a potentially triggering situation and would need care if something hurt them or re-traumatized them. They were using gaming as exposure therapy. A few months later I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about scopes of practice in our health care jobs. In health care, and I assume in other careers, you have scopes of practice. These are things in your job you're allowed to do and anything that falls outside of that scope is something you shouldn't do. Like, as an RMT, I'm allowed to cli