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Playtest Focus: Cartel

If you've managed to stay under the safety of a rock, let me congratulate you but also let you know that Cartel has hit Kickstarter and you should probably go check it out. I haven't had much time lately for genuinely playing many games. Between Breakout, Gen Con, Gauntlet Con, and Fan Expo, my plate is so full of con organizing that finding time to actually play games has been almost impossible. That being said, after reading and noticing all the hubbub around Cartel, I wanted to see for myself what the game was about. Cartel is the newest game from Magpie, the company that brought us Epyllion, Masks, Urban Shadows, and most recently, Bluebeard's Bride. Each of these games packs a punch in terms of how comprehensible and inspiring the rules are. Cartel, from what I've read and seen, is no different and will make a stunning addition to the Magpie line up. The Kickstarter is evocative, the playbooks are beautiful, and the game itself hums with bits of Mexican cultur