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When is it your war?

Imagine you're playing a fantasy game. We're going to imagine that you are a straight white man playing a straight white male hero. This is probably easy to imagine. Now in Fantasy Land (TM), you're a badass hero. You've stopped wars, you've slayed dragons, you've saved villages. You are a Hero. Next imagine that reports begin to come in from the far reaches of your freshly saved kingdom that monsters are hunting the people. Not all the people, mind you. Just some of the people. People who aren't white. People who are women. People who aren't straight. Imagine these monsters are killing all the people of colour they come across. They're dragging women into dark alleys and murdering them. They're destroying communities of people who aren't straight. Your hero is terrified of these reports. These are your kingdom's most vulnerable people. Except, in your kingdom, they're not. Because your kingdom doesn't have racism or sexism