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Confessions of a Gamer: The Little Ways Gaming Infiltrates My Life

Hello friends. My name is Kate. I have been a gamer for 15 years. I have been a GM for the same amount of time. I first started gaming when I bought a box set for D&D 3.0 and ran an adventure for my mom and a friend. I was hooked before I even got that box set. But let's be honest, gaming comes into your life, if you're like me at all, in more ways than just how many saturdays a year you spend at a table with dice. Maybe it's because I help run the largest gaming club in Toronto, or because I just am one of those all or nothing types, but there are things that gaming does to my life I don't usually confess to. Until today. #1. All of my characters and games have theme songs What? You don't do this too? C'mon. So for every character, and about 20% of my NPCs that are important, I choose theme songs. You can see my Deliria soundtrack here . I will spend hours of my free time searching for the right song. And then for the rest of the month/year while I'm