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Deliria: An Introduction

Deliria is a modern fairy tale game using popular tropes and highly developed characters to slowly play out the complexity of humanity and morality by putting ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances. It has been said it is Changeling done right. I cannot attest to this as I have never played Changeling and so far, never will. As a system, I find Deliria a little broken, but not so broken that I don't love it and don't embrace it. It uses a complex character creation method that brings to life the character in ways I have yet to see another system do. It uses playing cards and a simple stat/skill set instead of dice. It focuses on who you're playing, not what you're playing, and encourages role-playing over conflict resolution through skills and stats. I'm running this game and have been for a few months now. This is not my first nor last time running it. In fact, thank you Phil Brucato, Deliria is my go-to campaign system. This game of Deliria is an o