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FanExpo Series: Time & Temp

Well. It's been awhile. For those of you that want to know about my actual life, I just got married and am applying for school. Thus, been busy. I know it's been more than month since the most wonderful FanExpo , but I'm finally getting around to talking about what happened there. Deal with it. Time & Temp is an indie game by game designer Epidiah Ravachol . It's about being temp workers at a time travel agency. And yes, it's as hilarious as the about line indicates. I've had this game on my shelf since last Christmas and had never really gotten around to trying it. I had never played it before, and as I learn best by doing instead of reading, I found the task of learning a new system from a book a little daunting. It wouldn't be the first time I've done it, but my habit of reading only a little and making the rest up sometimes screws with indie games and I don't like it doing it. But FanExpo came along and we needed GMs. A lot of GMs as w

Deliria: Session Five: Special Snowflakes

Players - Characters: Emma - Ruthie Russell - Dave Chris - Floyd Watson - Alistair Jack - Kinkaid Erica - Alexa Jasse - Mel Problem: Young female musicians are going missing after signing a contract with Sound Tapestry. The owner of Sound Tapestry is a man named Blue. He has blue hair. This was our fifth session of Deliria and by now, most players had settled into the slightly railroaded reality that Gedeny, their boss (see Rube in Dead Like Me) was an offhandish man that didn't give them much more than a basic sentence or news story. The rest, really, was up to the clerks to figure out. This week, Gedney handed them a missing poster. As usual, the clerks were off exploring different avenues of investigation and intrigue, resulting in hilarity, cleverness and eventually, one very frustrated player. But more on that later. I watched and took notes on character behaviour vs player behaviour, social scenarios within the game and outside of the game, and for the first ti

Deliria: An Introduction

Deliria is a modern fairy tale game using popular tropes and highly developed characters to slowly play out the complexity of humanity and morality by putting ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances. It has been said it is Changeling done right. I cannot attest to this as I have never played Changeling and so far, never will. As a system, I find Deliria a little broken, but not so broken that I don't love it and don't embrace it. It uses a complex character creation method that brings to life the character in ways I have yet to see another system do. It uses playing cards and a simple stat/skill set instead of dice. It focuses on who you're playing, not what you're playing, and encourages role-playing over conflict resolution through skills and stats. I'm running this game and have been for a few months now. This is not my first nor last time running it. In fact, thank you Phil Brucato, Deliria is my go-to campaign system. This game of Deliria is an o