Who I Am

Well, I guess there's no easy way to do this introduction. I mean, I say I'm Blue of Bluestockings, but who the hell is that, right? I'm Kate Bullock, a Toronto local and big fan of the gaming world. I've playing table-top RPGs since I was 14 (a long time ago now) and been GMing them for just as long. I started when my mom got me the Orange Box for 3.0 when I was in 9th Grade and reverted to 2nd Edition D&D from there. A few years later I sunk my teeth into Deliria and CyberGeneration and have never really looked back.

My gaming career has moved from GM to player to convention GM to convention volunteer to freelance writer to editing to convention organizer and finally it's finding its way to game designer. I mean, I've always wanted to design, but I haven't really done it. So I'm working on a game, and no, it's not on the blog, but maybe one day. I've helped other folks with their games, and I've taken great pride in that, even if it was just play-testing.

I'm advocate for equal rights for everyone, and I do mean everyone. I believe gaming must have elements of human rights and intersectionalism if it expects to be able to be called an art form. Because of this, I think gaming must talk about social issues and explore those through the games and social play it offers. We're pretty irresponsible bards if we just want to tell tales of white dudes being murder hobos and not anyone else.

Local to Toronto, I'm also a convention organizer. For several years I volunteered at Fan Expo Canada in the gaming room. About three years ago I took over as main organizer for the RPG room. Last year, Rob, Rach, and I (my infamous friends) organized with a local board gaming group, Breakout Convention, a Toronto based table top gaming convention. It was successful and awesome. We made a safe and inclusive environment, to the best of our ability, and ran one hell of a gaming track.

More gaming nonsense, I'm one of the main organizers for a local gaming community called Toronto Area Gamers. It's a RPG meetup group for gamers by gamers. We're over 2000 members strong and hitting our 10 year anniversary this year. How cool is that shit? We facilitate monthly meetups, open play drop in games, and on going campaigns throughout the GTA.

My friend Rach and I also cofounded and continue to grow the Sparkle Dice Alliance, a safe space for non cis men to chill out, throw some dice, and rant about the shitty experiences that sometimes happen in gaming when you're not a straight white dude. We've organized a few games through this, and would like to do a mini-one day convention next year facilitated and organized by the members of SDA.

Gaming aside, my non-gaming job is being a registered massage therapist (RMT) in Toronto. I'm also a doula/labour support person, and do a lot of work with families and births. I'm an activist, especially an angry feminist activist, and am outspoken about issues that continually harm people. I'm married to a great supportive person who doesn't game (wtf?) and we live in Cabbagetown, a rich white neighbourhood in Toronto. We are not rich. But we are very white.

My Top 5 RPGs: Urban Shadows, Monsterhearts, Dramasystem, Don't Rest Your Head, Deliria

What do I nerd out about: Veronica Mars, Mad Max: Fury Road, Dragon Age (video game), Sailor Moon, Hunger Games, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and currently the 100.

What do I want from my games? Diversity. Compelling cinematic scenes. Emotional play. Social conscious and commentary. And probably some upsetting content.

I'm a Hufflepuff and I also love cats.

After the 12th failed roll in a row...