Who I Am

Welcome to my long winded biography about who I am and what I do within the TTRPG Industry.

My name is Kate Bullock. I'm a Toronto, Canada local and moderate fan of the gaming world. I've been in TTRPGs as a GM since I was 14 (twenty years ago). My gaming started with 3.0 D&D, when my mom bought me the orange box starter set. She let me run her and one of my friends through an adventure and I've been running games ever since.

I began running convention game rooms and volunteering with conventions years ago, and eventually came to run the RPG and D&D Rooms with a team of folks at Fan Expo Canada. From there, I became an organizer at Breakout Gaming Convention, handling guests, volunteers, prizing, safety, inclusion, panels, and human resources.

After running my own game at Metatopia, I met Mark Diaz Truman of Magpie Games and started working with the company last year to organize their game rooms at Gen Con and Pax Unplugged. They also published an aschan of my first game, Crossroads Carnival. They're rad people and I'm delighted to work with them.

I've also worked with multiple gaming communities throughout my time in the industry, from being a main organizer of Toronto Area Gamers, to being a team leader and community organizer at the Gauntlet. I've since retired from both of these communities, but continue to do consultation work as a community and convention consultant.

In January of 2019, I became the current President of the Indie Game Developer Network. It's been one of the biggest challenges of my gaming career, and certainly the most exhausting. We're doing wonderful work in the IGDN, focused on creating a safer, more inclusive space to help network and promote indie publishers within the TTRPG world.

Beyond my community work, I also create and write this blog. I design small games, project manage, and focus on the promotion and advocacy of marginalized voices within the TTRPG Industry. I do restorative justice, mediation, and conflict resolution for communities in need. I also create and draft policies, Codes of Conduct, Standards, and Inclusivity statements for those willing to hire me.

I am the line developer for Unicorn Motorcycle Games, working closely with Camdon Wright to create a robust and humanity focused gaming company. We launched and succeed at our first Kickstarter in April and are excited to release the game One Child's Heart, coming soon!

My focus in gaming remains on community and on creating and focusing spaces for women and marginalized people in gaming. I do my best to take an intersectional, anti-oppressive approach to the work I do. That being said, I still make missteps and do my best to be accountable to those and do the work to repair the damage I do with the privileges I have.

You can find my game design work as a freelance writer in The Veil: Cascade, Codex, Atlas Animalis, Hack the Planet, Dust, Fog, and the Glowing Embers, and One Child's Heart. My first ashcan, Crossroads Carnival, is available through Magpie Games. I am currently working with Pelgrane Press to create Born Robot. I am also working with Jonathan Lavallee to create Awoke, a pbta game about teens in the dark future.

Outside of gaming, I'm a massage therapist, doula, and life coach. I live with my 15 year old puppy, Pixie in the Upper Beaches of Toronto and travel to the States a lot. When not gaming, I spend my time crafting, reading poetry, being a unicorn, and promoting self care and love. I'm a Hufflepuff, makeup enthusiast, and human being.

After the 12th failed roll in a row...