Current Projects

Crossroads Carnival
The world of good and evil is at war while the human world is going to hell and back. A small carnival moves its way across small town America, the monstrous side shows utilizing their inherently dark natures to combat that which threatens to consume. The small self-made family must struggle past their dark natures and seek redemption and growth in staving off evil or succumb to the darkness within themselves and help bring to fruition the end of the world.

Crossroads Carnival takes place in small town America between the years of 1890 - 1950, and showcases the sideshows of a travelling Carnival as they battle for the soul of the world. The game is Powered by the Apocalypse. The game offers a discussion on what it means to not belong and to be outside of society trying to find your own community and place of belonging while also letting each character struggle with their inherent identity and nature.

Blood and glory await any who enter the Arena and offer up their bodies to the slaughter. Gladiators find rivals, friends, and even lovers within the confines of their ludus, a training house for gladiators. Their dominus, or owner, demands they give themselves to their purpose. Honour and glory await those who let go of their past and embrace their future as both slave and gladiator, hated and revered at the same time.

Designed to be a game within itself and a supplement to be added other games, the Arena is a game about fighting for glory, honour, and sometimes, freedom. The game offers specific moves for the arena, the ludus, and eventually, rebellion. The moves of the Editor/MC offer reminders that gladiators were slaves, and to their owners, they were not people. Different playsets allow the game to exist in ancient Rome, modern day, urban fantasy, high fantasy, and science fiction settings. Anyone can be a fighter, but only the truly great can be a gladiator. Will your players have what it takes?

"On September 16th, something happened. Something horrible that no one would ever forget. It could ruin everyone's life. It ruined D's life. It could ruin J's life. At J's house, there was a party. It was one hell of a party. D was drunk. J was drunk. There were people making out, drinking, getting high. There were people doing just about everything.

And then J raped D.

It is now September 19th.

The police have been called. The whole schools knows (and has seen). It's time to pick sides."

Allegedly is a game about the immediate aftermath of a teen rape. Players take on the roles of the victim, the alleged rapist, their friends, and others in society as they watch and experience the fallout unfold. Their decisions will impact how and if the victim can find justice. You will explore power dynamics, privilege, and the systemic silencing power of rape culture through society, culture, and social media.

This game is inspired by real world events and personal experience.

Conversations with Dead People
Sometimes we come to a crossroads. There are two or maybe more pivotal choices before us, and we wish, just for a moment, we could see beyond ourselves into the future. We wish we could reach out and speak to those who have left us and seek their guidance or simply speak with them. The world might be ending. School might be ending. Your life might be ending. Whatever it is, you need advice from someone who can see it better than you.

This is a game about the times when reality shifts slightly and we, the living, are able to talk to the dead. Players take on the roles of the living and the dead to engage in meaningful conversations about a deep seated question the living has and what the dead can offer. A freeform story game focused on exploration and the impact of conversations.