Thank You

A special thanks to Fraser Simons, creator of The Veil RPG, who's been a fast friend and supporter of my work. Thanks for all the encouragement, kindness, and love.

One of my favourite people, Rob Deobald, has generously supported me on Patreon and through our convention making, dice throwing, car driving adventures. He's one of the best people and I can't thank him enough for everything!

I really must thank Andrew Medeiros, writer of several awesome games including Urban Shadows and The Woodland, for all of the on going support and words of advice and laughs. I feel very fortunate to have made a friend in him and can't thank him enough for all that he offers and gives.

Another great thank you to the inspiring Mark Diaz Truman of Urban Shadows and Cartel fame. His on going support is greatly appreciated.

A lovely thank you to Joshua Smith for being into the blog and sending support my way.

Thank you to the lovely and wonderful Jason Pitre of Sig and Spark for his support. He is by far one of the most inspiring designers I've had the honour to know and share laughs with.

Incredibly, a huge thank to you the amazing John Wick, of 7th Sea fame, for his support and kind words. It's an honour to have such a great designer and writer as a patron.

John Wilson is a lovely man I've had the joy of gaming with briefly in the past. Thank you to him for his support and continued love in our gaming community.

Gratitude and thanks to Fraser Ronald of Swords Edge for his kind support of the blog and of the conventions I bug him to come to.

A big shout out of love and thanks to Hans Messersmith, one of the best GMs I've had the pleasure to know and have run games for me.

To one of my personal heroes, Phil Brucato, I extend the deepest thanks and gratitude for inspiring me to walk down this path long before I ever met you.

Forever thank yous to Stentor Danielson for their support and continued offers of advice and help. Their game Laser Kittens is one of my favourite things and I'm honoured they'd support me.

Thanks to Shane Liebling for their support for the blog and my wacky projects I'm working on.

Erica Stevenson is one of the best people in my life, and I'm very grateful for her support and love. She keeps me laughing when things are rough and inspires me to push myself and also, like all good friends, take care of myself.

Much love to Nikki Ashworth, one of the most epic women in my life. She's a constant source of love, laughter, amusement, and a vibrant example of life. Plus she calls me Moonicorn.

Very many thanks to Mike Leader, one of the cool rpg dudes I know from the internet who's been supportive and a great encouraging voice whenever I start smacking sexism in gaming.

I can't thank Alex Dudka enough, one of those I call lovingly my "younglings," they've been an on going person of support, love, and one of my go-to playtesters for my games.

Patrick House is a long time supporter and playtester in my games. His constant support is deeply appreciated.

A warm thank you and dose of gratitude to Patrick Chapman for their ongoing support.

Thank you so much to Chaz Kemp, the incredible artist who is working to build a fabulous tarot deck I can't wait to get my hands on.

I'm very happy to say thank you to Mick Bradley for offering support and interest in my gaming goals.

Most esteemed gratitude to Kevin Farnworth for their wonderful support and awesome generosity.

To Donogh McCarthy, a very warm thank you for their continuing and awesome support. It's amazing to get support from folks I don't know yet. Yet.

A huge great big epically sized thank you to Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games, creator and designer of Apocalypse World, for their continued support.

Thank you and smiles to Jonathan Dyer, who recently pledged to help keep the blog (and myself) going.

An incredible thank you to Lowell Francis for their ongoing amazing support in making the blog, the cons, the games, and all the stuff I'm trying to pull together happen.

Johnstone Metzger is one of those awesome folks who works on Dungeon World hacks, specifically on of my favourites, Spacewurm vs Moonicorn and is also one of the folks I have to thank for their support.

Warm and wonderful gratitude to YG Mitchell, a lovely person I've had the chance to meet off of G+ after they saw one of my blog posts and has become a lovely source of commiserating and support.

Sometimes your heroes see what you're doing and help when they can. I can't say thank you enough to Emily Care Boss, one of my personal heroes and one of the most kind, epic people in the industry.

My amazing mom, my favourite person, my first and main hero, Cindy Harper continues to support me. She's an incredible woman and one of the most inspirational people I'm lucky enough to know.

The very amazing, very epic, and very insightful folks at The Gauntlet Podcast have earned my unending love and gratitude. It's a great podcast and you should totally check it out.

After some epic gaming together, I'm super excited to thank Rob Abrazado a huge thank you for his on going support to my random gaming thoughts and projects.

Gratitude extends next towards Yoshi Creelman, for their continued support as I randomly flail at my screen and hope logical thoughts come out.

Stephen Dewey, of Calvary Games, and the creator of the beautiful Ten Candles, continues to lend his support, guidance, and awesomeness to my work.

A great bit heaping thank you to Tiffany Sostar for their support on this project!

Thank you for their ongoing support and life-giving to Richard Ruane.

One of the people I think is the most amazing and talented, Sarah Richardson, gets all my thanks and love for her amazing support.

Love and thanks to the ever kind and lovely Arthur Lahey for their ongoing support.

Incredibly love and appreciation for the amazing Mikael Tysvaer for their support, kindness, and community involvement.

Thanks to River Williamson, for being both a great gamer and a wonderful source of support.

Huge appreciation to Jonas Richter, for their continued support and backing.

Penda Tomlinson earns my love, gratitude, and affection with their support and kindness. Thank you.

I can't thank Christo Meid enough for all of the support, love, and amazing conversations. You're incredible.

A loving thank you to Judd, for the incredible and wonderful support I couldn't do without.

Rich Rogers continues to be a huge support, a wonderful friend, and a fabulous voice in my life. Thank you.

Thank you so much to Erin, an amazing person I have the great luck of knowing and calling a friend.

To the amazing, lovely, beautiful, and talented Adam Dray, thank you for your support and your continual kindness.

The ever badass and inspirational Jenny Zhang gets my continual love, support, and fierce admiration for her support, kindness, and amazingness.

Rach, one of the most important and wonderful people in my life, gets my eternal love as one of my best friends, comrades, and gaming mafia members.

Mad love and support towards Ryan Schoon for all he does for this community and all he's come to mean to me as he supports me in my journey.

Many, many thank yous to the wonderful Kevin Lovecraft who's awesomeness continues to make me smile and warms my heart.

David Leaman, one of the wonderful people who continues to enhance our local community and the world around him, earns my gratitude for his presence in my life.