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The TTRPG Industry: Designing Safer Games

Not too long ago, I was at Pax Unplugged doing a panel with some wonderful people on Safety in Gaming. It was a great panel with great people on great and important things. The subtitle of the panel, created by the hosts Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk, was More Than Safety Tools. I was excited by this title because I think safety tools are, and remain, an afterthought in gaming. Safety Tools are a conversation in gaming that is dependent on a couple universal truths we don't generally acknowledge. Instead, we focus on the here and the now. Like most people not accustomed to examining the history or the reason beyond a phenomenon, we keep plodding forward on the same path never asking "Where are we going?" or "Where did we come from?" We can't figure out what Safety Tools are if we don't know why they exist. These universal truths are the why  of Safety Tools. The first universal truth of safety tools, is that games aren't safe . In order