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Believable NPCs: What Makes A Person?

The question I get asked most as a GM is how I make my characters so believable. When I'm running a game, people often talk about how layered the npcs are or how alive they seem. My players fall in love with them. They want to help them. They want to save them. They want to be involved in their plots. Why though?

What is about npcs that can make or break a game? How can we make these characters feel like they have life and purpose? Really, making good npcs comes down to how effectively we, as facilitators, can use the npcs to communicate a realism to the world. They are tools, like any other tool, allowing us to infuse a certain feeling and style to the world we've put the characters in.

On top of that very huge demand, we're also using them to impact our PCs and our players. Npcs have a huge responsibility that comes down to making the players care, just as much as making the characters care. Partly this means using the npcs to invoke a certain amount of bleed. Which inh…